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000001 Intro and Lower Palaeolithic   (judson.emerick)
00003 Neolithic Art continued   (judson.emerick)
03 Egypt, Early Dynastic Art   (judson.emerick)
07 Egypt, New Kingdom, Dyn XVIII-XX   (judson.emerick)
08 Egypt, XVIII, Akhenaten   (judson.emerick)
21 Assyrian art   (judson.emerick)
3 Greeks--Geometric, Orientalizing, Archaic   (judson.emerick)
4 Greeks--and Persians in the 6th century   (judson.emerick)
5 Greeks--Archaic architecture   (judson.emerick)
51B midterm exam   (judson.emerick)
6 Greeks--Early Classic (480-450 BCE)   (judson.emerick)
8 Greeks--Late Classic (430-330 BCE)   (judson.emerick)
AH51c Exams   (george.gorse)
AMICA Featured Media
Amsterdam Talk Oct 21, 2013   (judson.emerick)
Anthony Shay's website   (Anthony Shay)
Bajaj   (jason.smith)
Boucher   (luna_scradmin)
Carolingian art   (judson.emerick)
Constantine   (george.gorse)
Early Islam--The Umayyad Caliphate   (judson.emerick)
example   (cchandra20)
Fifth-Century   (judson.emerick)
Fifth-Sixth cebntury Holy Man;Qalat Siman; Sinai   (judson.emerick)
Fourth-Century Christian Mediterranean   (judson.emerick)
Fragonard   (luna_scradmin)
Fuseli   (luna_scradmin)
Grid   (lisa.auerbach)
Hogarth   (luna_scradmin)
Insular art:Celts, Angles, Saxons (7th-8th cents)   (judson.emerick)
Intro   (judson.emerick)
Lemon   (cr034747)
LUNAUpdates   (luna_scradmin)
media group#2   (aml14747)
Migration metalwork, fifth to eighth cent   (judson.emerick)
Mycenaean   (skt04747)
Notre-Dame, Paris, Apr 30, '19   (judson.emerick)
persona   (lisa.auerbach)
Reynolds   (luna_scradmin)
Sample Media Group   (jason.smith)
Serata   (george.gorse)
Sixth-century Constantinople and Mount Sinai   (judson.emerick)
Sixth-century Ravenna (S. Vitale)   (judson.emerick)
test   (jms04747)
test   (luna_admin)
Tiepolo   (luna_scradmin)
Trajan's Forum   (judson.emerick)
Turner   (luna_scradmin)
Wright of Derby   (luna_scradmin)
Zoffany   (luna_scradmin)